Reflection Session 12th February 2018

Date: 12th February 2018

Time: 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Mentor: Ms. Saee Nair

This session was of “Q & A” nature.

Each student gave a short statement about the work they do at their respective work labs.

Another student would ask questions about these statements.

This served many purposes and threw out many points of learning viz:

  • The students got to know about other industry partners, their business areas and job profiles of the MFS student working with them.
  • The students were made to really think about their work – both when making a statement and when answering queries.
  • They were allowed to discover for themselves – through personal experience – just how important and essential it is that we listen to a question carefully before answering.
  • They saw for themselves how it is okay to request repeating a question to the person who asks – if you have not heard it clearly; or how is necessary to ask for an explanation if the question is not understood well.

The Q & A taught them how every time we speak it is important to THINK and speak.

That it is important to really and truly understand the question and NOT instantly start answering.

Often the answer does not match the question.

This can be damaging to your rating in a JOB INTERVIEW!!!

Reflection Session 01st January 2018

Date: 01 January 2018

Time: 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Mentor: Ms. Saee Nair

Part one:

New Year Resolutions (Verb: To resolve = to determine with a strong mind)

Some examples were offered by the students like reading something every day, getting up early to exercise etc.

There can be many other things one can do for self-development.

Analysis of the reasons why the New Year resolutions always have a short life:

New Year Resolutions are nothing but goals and so they MUST be: “SMART”

So if the goal is not achieved, it was not a SMART goal.

So what do we do?

We check the process of setting a goal and correct our goal.

What can we do to continue our resolve to do something better in our life?

  • We must accept that setting the goal is not enough, working on them every single day is what keeps them alive and operative.
  • We must make arrangements for those times when we just cannot make the daily practice of our goal. In that case, instead of zero, we must do whatever little we can to keep up the continuity. For example if the resolution is to read every day for half an hour and one day you just don’t find time to read then do not go to sleep till you have read at least a paragraph. This keeps up the continuity.


Part two:

Preparation for the coming examination and writing the answer paper

We must participate in every opportunity to learn – like regularly logging in to the ERA to study, doing and submitting assignments as bets as possible and learning new things every day.

Writing the answers:

  • Ensure that you have the correct question paper (Subject, Year & Semester)
  • Read all the questions carefully
  • Allot time properly so that no question is left unanswered
  • Keep track of time
  • Answer all the questions

Check your answer paper thoroughly well before handing it over to see if you left out anything important


Date: 04 December 2017

Time: 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Mentor: Ms. Saee Nair

What is a brand and why is branding done?

Responses from students:

Brand means placing your product prominently so that it is most noticed among all the other products in the market.

Branding means a logo or some words that belong to a certain business.

Who or what is a “Brand ambassador”?

Anyone who promotes/ endorses a product or service is a brand ambassador.

Another meaning of the word Ambassador:

An ambassador is also a high ranking official representing a country in another nation. Their office (and residence) is called an “Embassy”.

Dictionary meaning of the verb “to brand” = To mark (animal) skin with a hot iron

Historical reference of the word :”branding” : In old times animals like cattle and horses sued to be branded with hot iron with the owner’s name or initials to show the ownership.

In today’s world, any product or service has to have a specific product name and / or a brand which is registered with the government. This avoids misuse of a successful brand or product name.

A highly successful brand becomes synonymous (same meaning) as the product.

For example: Cadbury. Though it is the name of the company, people often use to denote the product which is a chocolate.

Meaning of the verb “To govern” – To rule or run a system in a disciplined and lawful way.

The system of running or managing a country in lawful, peaceful and fair manner with the help of legal formed official body or the offices is called government.

So the government has laws (like “The Consumer Act” or “The Companies Act”) and offices/officials (like the “Company Registrar” & Courts) to monitor all commercial establishments (like companies and partnerships) so that they are legal and fair to all.

All business can be divided into two main classes. Which are they?

All commercial activities can be classified into two groups: Product (manufacturing) & Services.

Distinction between a product and a service:

A product is a physically existing thing, something we can perceive with eyes and touch. Examples would be from a needle to enormous machinery, from a flower to an airplane ticket.

A service is not a physical thing that we can perceive with eyes and touch.

For example, a tailor is a service provider, using products like threads, cloth, needle, sewing machine etc. and gives stitching process as service.

The maintenance of machinery is service for the product which is the machine.

Delivering flowers is a service of carrying a product which is flower to some particular place.

The airplane ticket booking facility is a service; the ticket itself is a product for another product which is the airplane.

The verb in the word “service” is “to serve”.

The cellular phone is made by some manufacturer (like Apple, Samsung etc.) and the cellular network service is given by some other organization (like Idea, Airtel etc.)

So the handset of the mobile phone is a product. The network of satellites, mobile service towers are also products but the calling facility is a service.

MSCIT programme is a product.

Some products are electrical and some are electronic.

What does it mean?

Students (and every one of us) must always try to find out more about whatever they hera, see or witness happening.

Everyone should know a little about everything possible – which means to be able to explain or describe something in at least 1 – 2 sentences.

Having a degree that allows the students to learn and become good at serving people is a great way for a career in today’s world.

This is because even a manufacturer cannot say that they will not give service – because then the business will go elsewhere / there is loss of business.

For example: mechanical things that are manufactured in a factory also need maintenance and repairs. So that is service.

Electrical goods also need similar services.

Some goods are called electrical goods and some are called electronic goods.

What is the difference between the two? Students are expected to make it a habit to ask questions like “Why” and “What does it mean” as often as possible.

Then they can use the Internet and Google or any other good search engine to get enough information so that they can explain/describe it in at least 1-2- sentences.

While searching we must be smart and use relevant/specific words to search anything.

And if the first time the search does not show the information, keep refining your search till you do get the information.

Soft Skills

Date: 20 November 2017

Time: 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Mentor: Ms. Saee Nair

Soft skills – Presentation Skill:

Students were asked to present one real life example where they have witnessed presentation skills being used; or lack of them.

Many students narrated situations where this skill made a difference – positive or negative.

Some situations indicated need for the skill/power of convincing in presenting an idea, some stressed the importance of first impression being the least impression, and some situations were from the field of marketing too.

The salient points of the discussion were:

Communication skill lies at the heart of the presentation skill

Convincing is important when you present your ideas/point to someone

Even a simple thing can be made into a high quality, interesting thing if presented well

Visual assessment of an individual is the first and direct tool to assess that individual

When you behave in a too casual a manner, the message to the other person is: “I don’t think you are important enough to me to behave better with you.” This is a dangerous and wrong message that would not allow you to win respect and trust.

And along with knowledge and good results at work, respect and trust are also very important things in a career.

Next following points were briefly discussed:

Personal carriage and grooming – This included posture, personal hygiene, formalwear as against casual wear, acceptable norms for a workplace, personal quality standards  and behaving formally with seniors using presentation skills.

Respect – Give respect to get respect. Even a simple thing like manner of sitting in the chair can indicate how much value you place on the person/s in front of you.

Good posture is essential both for health and for effective personality and self-confidence.

Awareness of and setting of standards or norms in personal life and in working life, at workplace was discussed.

Note: Next session onwards, a topic form a syllabus will also be discussed along with soft skills, management principles, quality etc.


Date: 27 November 2017

Time: 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Mentor: Ms. Saee Nair

Opening segment:

  • The students are asked to be consciously and carefully observant at their own work-labs. Whatever they see, hear, think and read as well as work with at their work-lab; can then be related to various topics of their syllabus. They will get major benefit if they connect their work experience with the topics they study in these three years.

They are requested and expected to note and bring these observations for open discussions and Q & A in reflection sessions.

  • The students were asked to state what they understand by the name of one of the topics in Sem. 1 of BBA, which is Marketing & selling.

The questions raised in the discussion were:

  • What is marketing? What then is selling?
  • Are these two words indicating the same things?
  • And why do we use two different names if they are the same?
  • If they are not the same then how are they different?

Following information was offered by various students:

  • Marketing is promoting and advertising a product or service.
  • Marketing is for large scale customer base and selling is for individuals.
  • Giving advertisements in newspapers etc. means marketing.
  • Telling people about our product or service is marketing.
  • Marketing means knowing how much to invest in raw material etc. before any product or service could be created for sales.
  • When someone buys large quantities of say groceries from a market and in turn sells it to smaller shops that is marketing. When individual customers buy from such smaller shops it is selling.
  • When product or service is created and kept ready for selling to the customer, that is marketing and when the customer actually buys something that is selling.
  • Marketing means speaking to the buyer to convince him/her to buy the product or the service. And selling means actually taking money and delivering goods or services.
  • Marketing means knowing about the market – like what other products/ services are already available, what is the price range, what is the customer population that uses that product/ service.
  • Selling means giving something and taking money for it. Marketing is the specific information about that thing.

The discussion brought forth following explanations/elaborations of their points:

  • Marketing is promoting and advertising a product or service.

Promoting and advertising a product or service is part of both selling and marketing. It is intended to make a product or service known to maximum number of prospective buyers and to show its merits/uses/value etc. It is all part of marketing so that selling takes place.

  • Marketing is for large scale customer base and selling is for individuals.

The meaning of selling is giving something and taking money for it. Then even if many people buy something it is still selling. Marketing is done so that selling – whether to one person or millions – is possible and easy.

  • Giving advertisements in newspapers etc. means marketing.

Advertisements can come in many forms – printed, spoken, seen – written, audio or visual. They can be advertisements printed or inserted as a small single page in newspapers. They can be huge hoardings at street corners, neon signs, posters, pamphlets. Advertisements can be on TV, in radio (FM), sponsorship of an event etc.

  • Telling people about our product or service is marketing.

Telling people about our product or service is promoting and advertising is part of both selling and marketing. If the product is marketed well, the sales will be good. Otherwise no one or very few people will know about it which in turn means the sale won’t be high.

  • Marketing means knowing how much to invest in raw material etc. before any product or service could be created for sales.

Conducting a deep study to know how much to invest in all kinds of resources like raw material, location, place, storage, employees etc. before any product or service could be created; is planning the production or preparing a service. That is before any marketing can take place. Once the product/service is ready then marketing is possible and can be done.

  • When someone buys large quantities of say groceries from a market and in turn sells it to smaller shops that is marketing. When individual customers buy from such smaller shops it is selling.

Buying large quantities of say groceries or products from the manufacturer or farmer and selling it to smaller shops is trading. Whenever a product or service is sold to the consumer (one who uses the product or service) it is called retail selling.  Students were made aware that BBA course has a separate topic of “Trade & Retail” as Sector study 3, in Semester 3.

  • When product or service is created and kept ready for selling to the customer, that is marketing and when the customer actually buys something that is selling.

Analysis of business is done with careful study so that production, storage and supply of goods can be managed in a profitable way. This is part of any commercial enterprise and it is called “Logistics and supply chain management”. This is also a topic in BBA course as Sector study 4, in Semester 3. This activity of storage and monitoring the supply is done along with or before any marketing, which in turn brings in sales.

  • Marketing means speaking to the buyer to convince him/her to buy the product or the service.

Speaking to the buyer to convince him/her so that s/he buys is the core function of selling. To be able to successfully sell something deep and sincere study is necessary. Some of the important elements with respect to this are:

  • The seller must be genuinely/truly convinced that it is a good product/service.
  • A study must be done by the seller of the all the possible details of the product/service specifications.
  • The seller must know correctly and fully all the aspects of the commercial transaction. For example:

What is allowed – cash or card payment

If after sales service is available.

If it is available, then how the customer can access it.

What policies are in place – like refund, return, exchange of goods.

  • Finally the seller must find out and communicate what merit / advantage / benefit / help the product/service would bring to the customer.
  • The seller must never misrepresent any information. This of done gives a one-time sale but a repeat customer will not be possible.
  • The seller must remember that a satisfied customer can be a brand ambassador or the greatest advertisement for the product/service.
  • And selling means actually taking money and delivering goods or services.

That is correct. The transaction of taking money for the product/service is called a commercial transaction. That is selling.

Paying in cash or kind:

  • If no money is exchanged, and instead of money some valuable thing like gold or jewelry or favour or work is demanded and given in exchange of a product or service, then that too is a sale.
  • If something other than money is accepted, it is called paid in “kind”.
  • Taking money means paying in “cash”.
  • This is a language usage so even giving cheque comes under this phrase of “paid in cash”. It is not a commercial term; it is a way of language usage.
  • Marketing means knowing about the market – like what other products/ services are already available, what is the price range, what is the customer population that uses that product/ service.

Marketing is studying the market and then knowing how to position your product, how to sell/promote your product, where to do that and when. It also needs careful study of what other and similar products/ services are already available, what is their price range, what is the customer population that uses that product/ service. Knowing your competitors is also crucial for any business.

Marketing is a powerful tool in business. It helps to place a product/service well in the world (which is the market) so that a business is not left with lot of extra stuff that results in heavy expenses.

For success, strong marketing is essential for any business. So marketing indicates a wide range of activities and study –  right from the study of what the market reality is, what are the market projections and what are the customer tendencies, choices, trends, likings and issues. It also means knowing the needs of the customers. It means sometimes educating the customers. Good and smart marketing leads to successful selling.

  • Selling means giving something and taking money for it. Marketing is the specific information about that thing.

Marketing is done so that selling is successful and profitable.

Either a product or a service is exchanged for money or something in its place. This exchange is called the transaction of sale or selling. This is also known as “commerce”. If there is nothing taken but something is only given then it is not a commercial transaction.

Final noteworthy point:

Many things that we give and get at home in a family – like food, care, safety, money, respect, companionship and many other essential and non-essential things like many kinds of clothes and accessories, gadgets etc. are given free. Nothing is asked in return. We all naturally do give love, respect, care and safety in return but there is no demand for anything in exchange. Such giving is therefore is not commercial and not a transaction. It is just giving.  We all must value it.

Documented By: Ms. Saee Nair

Communication Skill

Communication is:

  • Sending a message, ensuring it is received.
  • Acknowledging a message received and responding to it appropriately.

Kinds of Communication:

  • Verbal Communication (We use words)
  • Non-verbal Communication (We do not use words)

Ways in which we communicate:

  • Written (Verbal)
  • Spoken (Verbal)
  • Facial expression (Non-verbal)
  • Body language (Non-verbal)
  • Sounds (Non-verbal)

Quality of communication:

All communication must be complete, correct and clear.

Parameters of good communication:

  • Written (Verbal) – Must be complete, correct and clear.
  • Spoken (Verbal) – Must be complete, correct and clear.
  • Facial expression (Non-verbal) – Must be appropriate to the occasion, place and person.
  • Body language (Non-verbal) – Must be appropriate to the occasion, place and persons.
  • Sound (Non-verbal) – Must be appropriate to the occasion, place and persons


Also must be complete, correct and clear AND appropriate.

Communication on phone:

  • When speaking on phone, keep your voice at a medium level pitch and tone, be pleasant too.
  • When receiving a call, take a good breath after getting connected and before saying the first hello.
  • There is no rush to say “Hello” instantly, take that one breath consciously – makes a big difference.

Effective Communication

Students gave some very nice examples where they experienced not very effective communication.
The takeaway from this discussion:
These three years of their degree course can and should be taken as the safe environment by the students to:
Attempt practicing good communication:

  • Accept that they may not be highly effective in it
  • Still be bold enough to speak up when appropriate
  • Note carefully the mistakes done
  • Learn from the mistakes
  • Try to do effective communication again

Soft skills & why do we need them?

  • What are soft skills?
    Students defined the concept.
  • Are there any skills that are hard skills?
    Subject knowledge is hard skill and the skill to be with people effectively requires soft skills of many kinds.
  • Why do we need soft skills?
    We need to be skilled in both some subject and in soft skills to have a good life and successful career.

Some of the Soft skills

  • Time management
  • Self-Management (Self-awareness)
  • Presentation skill
  • Decision making skill

Note: Next time students have been asked to bring at least one example of presentation skill that they have seen being practiced.

Preparation of Interview

Date:  November 30, 2016

Time:  4.00 pm to 4.20 pm

Conducted By:  Mr. Kaustubh sir

 Subject:  Session on commonly asked questions in an interview.

Present students: Sonali Jagtap, Akshata Mahadik, Anita Mali, Asmita Patankar, Gauri Kelkar, Pratiksha Soshte, Yogita Sarmalkar, Anandkumar Vyas, Harshit Anadani, Vaibhav Mapari, Yogesh Ubale, Vitthal Rokade, Sayali Zagade, Rani Wankhede, Priyanka Gawade, Pooja Sapkal.



The session was conducted on commonly asked questions in an interview.

In the session the points discussed were how to make sentences or note down points to give an answer to interviewer’s question.

  • While going to an interview the interviewee must know and understand about the company in which he has applied for a job and be prepared about the commonly asked questions asked during an interview.
  • To answer to those questions the interviewee has to note down the points.
  • When the points are written then the interviewee can make different sentences and answer the questions asked by an interviewer in a unique way.
  • These unique answers can add more values and make chances of the interviewee to get hired while giving satisfactory answers to the interviewer.

This can help MFS students for future interview preparation.


Documented By – Sonali Jagtap

I can and finally concede, my childhood friend was suitable… Nintendo beats Sega. =)

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2. In-Action Campaigns And Discounts

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3. Accreditation of Pokemon Characters

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Our Take on & The Main Thing

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Finished Take note: I am hoping you determined this short article effective. I am just a believer in energetic managing that works and I am on this page which will help you notice some of those options. Please carry out me here on In search of Alpha while we look out for some of those business opportunities and arrange from the beneficial staff with the underperforming.